Hello world!

(Quick note: this blog is brand new as of this morning so it’s currently “just another wordpress blog” but I’ll pretty it up later!)


As a career person secretly trying to lead a double life as an author, I’ve decided to start this blog as a way to get my writing out there while still being mostly anonymous.

I actually do write for a living – technical reports, professional reports, copywriting, press releases, blogs, research, etc – but in the true world of authorship?

Nothing published.


And that ‘yet’ is hopeful there! The need to write just won’t leave me alone…I’ve been keeping a journal for decades, have written several short stories, have one ‘novel’ nearly finished, another halfway finished and two more scarcely begun, and ideas bubbling around constantly that won’t give me peace. I write notes on my hand, email ideas to myself, dream about my stories.

So why go “public” now?

The trigger for this blog was a flash fiction challenge that I couldn’t stop thinking about, at the fantastic blog terribleminds. It was a challenge to write about one of these fascinating 50 unexplainable black and white photos, crazy photos!  I set myself to writing…realized I didn’t have a blog to link to…realized I probably SHOULD have a blog to link to….and bam. ePENymous was born.

I have a little tweaking to do on the story, but it’s due today so you’ll see it in a bit.



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