Inspiration from everywhere

A friend sent me a link to this story – trying to keep me inspired and motivated I think, since I tend to doubt my ability – about a woman who became a writer after an already amazing life.

The story was surprising – to me – in a number of ways.

  1. After the Air Force and NASA, I would think she had had her fill of excitement. Not so…
  2. With such a history, is her writing a biography of an amazing life? No, not really…
  3. Is her book a work of fiction about NASA or space or the Air Force? No, not really…
  4. Was her inspiration from her experiences in the Air Force or NASA? No, not wholly…
  5. The greatest surprise? The book is a romance!
  6. The second greatest surprise? Instead of what I expected, she was inspired – to a great extent – by the Twilight series!

The lessons?

  1. Anyone can be a writer – regardless of your experiences, regardless of whether you think of them exciting or not, regardless of your preconceived notions.
  2. Don’t doubt yourself – or, if you do, just go for it anyway and see what happens!
  3. Anything that inspires you, whether life experience or another author or the soup you had for lunch – take it and run!

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